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Advice and guidance on seeking treatment for your mental health

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Mental health issues can be scary. You or a loved one may feel overwhelmed, isolated, or as though there aren’t any answers, and you may be considering whether to reach out for help.

We understand that the first step is the most difficult one. We offer expert, evidence-based care in a safe and confidential environment, with a compassionate and human approach.

We are here to support and guide you in your health journey. Please feel free to contact us in confidence with any questions or concerns, or anything you would like to discuss.

Young woman discussing problems with psychiatrist
Young woman looking out of the window looking concerned
Young woman discussing problems with psychiatrist

The decision to seek help can be difficult, but as with any illness the sooner you seek treatment the sooner you will begin your recovery. 

You may be suffering from mental discomfort, or you may just have a feeling that something isn’t right and wonder whether a psychiatrist could help. Maybe you struggle to understand your own actions or feel you don’t recognise yourself anymore.

Booking an initial appointment will allow a doctor to carry out a thorough assessment to understand your unique symptoms, and to put your mind at ease by explaining your condition and the appropriate course of treatment.

Psychologists or psychotherapist are not medical doctors, they are specifically trained in talking therapies which can aid mental health issues. The broader medical training gives the psychiatrists the ability to diagnose your problem and to prescribe medication where necessary. We also refer for talking therapy as combinations of psychological treatment and medications are often most effective.

For further information, see this page.

Coming for a first appointment and assessment can feel daunting, and it’s normal to have concerns about what might happen at the first meeting.

Your doctor will ask you about what brings you to the clinic. Don’t worry if you find this difficult to discuss, your doctor is experienced at asking questions to explore your problems and help you communicate what you are feeling. If there are parts of the problem you don’t feel comfortable discussing at a first meeting, it’s ok to explain this.

Your doctor will aim to give you a diagnosis and explain appropriate treatment plans, including medication options and referrals for therapy. Although the first step can be difficult, coming for an initial assessment will help to put your mind at ease, and enable you to start improving your mental health.

If possible, please come with a list of any medication you are using, psychiatric or otherwise, any psychiatric treatment or medication you may have tried in the past, and any family history of psychiatric issues.

It’s impossible to say what treatment you will need before your initial consultation. Some people need only one or two sessions, whilst some conditions require more intensive treatment or ongoing management.

At your initial appointment, your doctor will discuss what treatment you are likely to need, and the likely duration and costs of any treatment programme.

Flint  healthcare is a private clinic and treatments cannot be funded by the NHS.

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